Thursday, 13 February 2014

I call him Abg 'S'

"Mr S 34 years old malay gentleman with known case of achalasia cardia diagnosed on september 2013 at Hospital Sg Buloh, initially presented to the hospital with the complain of difficulty in swallowing associated with food regurgitation for 3 months. Currently he was electively admitted to HSB for surgical management"

This is the fifth week im in surgical posting. With the so-so background of anatomy during my preclinical years, i didnt expect much in this posting especially after the disaster of previous paediatric posting. Done deal with a group of mother as well as with a group of kids, dealing with a group of gentlemen such a new thing for me. Yeah poyo betul nak experience bagai.

My first week just finished without a single patient to be clerked fully. Teruk betul dasar pemalas. I dont know why but the things that happened during my long case with RKR haunted me over and over again. Semak doh. Kind of afraid to repeat the mistake. Maybe.

Second week with a new spirit. Read a few thing on Doctrina perpetura clinical surgery book gave me such a strength to be a clinical year student yg sejati. At least i had some knowledge before meet patients in the ward. Masuk ward surgery penuh semangat, pusing2 but i just saw a typical environment in the ward. So many medical student around and so many patient slept. Down and stress sikit.

Gaya mcm nak balik dah but suddenly i stopped depan first cubicle as there was no medical student there. And here it is, my first surgery patient would be this abang from bed no4. Had a quick look his medical report inside the file since it is teknik basi approching the patient. Rapport 2-3 ayat and eventually i managed clerked him fully wahahaha. Balik bilik. Kembang hidung. Puas.

As a good medical student we have to do follow up thingy everyday. So jumpa la this brother everyday( for more than 3 week ok) until at one point i felt like he must be dah bosan menyampah with the same fat guy met him everyday. But he is not! T.T

"Datang la bila bila. kalau boleh saya tolong, saya tolong"
"Kalau ada apa apa procedure, saya sms bgtau kamil terus"
"Nanti nak buat operation,kamil boleh masuk OT sekali"

As time goes by, dah macam rapat pula. Malam on call before balik, mesti jumpa jap sembang. kalau bukan tipikal follow up , sembang sembang kosong. And his wife pun dah kenal. Yeay. 

Radiology report dah siap. Barrium swallow showed rat tail appearance. But it was not typical rat tail. This rat tail was so long. And this affect his management. He was planned at first to have minor surgery (heller myotomy) but it changed to thoracoscopic third stage esophagectomy. Shocked. I never expect this kind of surgery which usually performed in esophageal cancer patient. Major and risky surgery. Its about 5 to 7 hour operation and involved many surgeon. Of course i will not ask permission from surgeon to observe the procedure.

"So esok kamil mmg tak masuk la OT la masa operation?"
"Saya kena kuatkan semangat. kamil tolong doakan lah"

A few hour left before surgery will be performed. I pray to Allah for his safety. And who read this, please pray for him too.

This patient is one in a million.
This patient just turned into friend
This patient touched my heart for unknown reason

Abang S, kuatkan semangat. Insyallah sy ssentisasa doakan yg terbaik :)

otak aku berfikir secara kritikal..