Monday, 5 January 2015

It really happen


Finally thanks God orthopaedic posting was over. How I wish I can finish it with happy ending. It didn't lulz. Short case was bloody terrible. I just need some piece of luck for my next theory paper on february so that I will pass this posting.

Now new posting, Primary care medicine. Please God help me this time going it thru very very well. Rindu nya happy ending mcm posting surgery last year. Yea, didn't mange to get A but i just happy Miss zetty statisfied with my long case.

"OK kamil, very good presentation"

Life move on. People surround us do change. How they change, to where they change supposedly not affect us. But sometime when the one we rely on change, I can't stand by my own feet alone. Well this thing happen to any person, anywhere, anytime. But I just can't believe it happen to me hahaha

I don't why but I think this is the time i could correlate best friend forever and jealousy

Hahaha am I look so girlish?

PS: Come on bro, u 'leave' me because of a girl. Rindu nye lepak mcm dulu. U know right , its single guy chatting :)

otak aku berfikir secara kritikal..