Friday, 2 December 2016



Hi all,

Dah few days tak sempat melawat blog. Maklum lah bila dah kat KL, bukan ad wifi nk bukak laptop pun. In fact masa kat KL sibuk jumpa kawan2 before starting working nnti. So then bila dh blk ipoh, one of the things i must n love do is blog walking my forever love blogger friends : Ammar and Radin. Dua insan hebat ni, masyallah terasa kerdil je diri ni huhu

Few weeks ago we all witnessed how strong ammar fight his disease. I always admire his determination and endless family love. Such a inspirational story to share with my kids later :) And somehow i know Radin also has those values. 

Remember Radin, Allah menguji kpd mereka yg mampu. You can fight all this. We all behind ur back. Stay strong! Lots of Love ~

ps: oh gosh, i love song from ammar blog. 
ps: rindu bila jumpa ammar, we will give a random hug
ps: rindu bila jumpa radin, we will say " Hi Radinnn...Hi Kamil..." with our hand waving to each other
ps: such a bless to know these two fella in person. Miss u guys already huhu

otak aku berfikir secara kritikal..

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