Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hi Cardiovascular .


Ok,this entry will be so legend but so 'plastik'.Just because i never write in english in this kacakitusubjektif before make me to disguise in somebody else body,writing english-ly .U know what?.This semester II i have to do a lot of presentation in ENGLISH and i never did well in this language.Yes,I like to express my views but absolutely not express them orally plus in english.So,all these 'plastik' things are parts of my learning...=)

*shifu,sila beri tunjuk ajar...*

Tomorrow will be the first day in new module,cardiovascular.Such a killer module regarding to mr. coordinator.He added,last year quarter of a batch failed in their PT.Not surprising me.I have a huge problem too with the lovely heart and his sibling.So,i'm holding with a determined hand,viewing with a sane mind,i've did a plan !

1)GeBU official blog.
2)Go to gym 
3)Finishing 'denyut kasih medik'

Bye,may Allah bless me and frens in this module.Study is a long term process,no need to mention okeh?

p/s:kejadah ape nahu sorof aku kan?taram aje~

otak aku berfikir secara kritikal..

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arif_sahimin said...

eh hi! not bad la entry bi ko..x teruk pun aku gebu kite ape cite??