Friday, 18 November 2016


"I know this is random, but u have a really nice smile"

Yeah that is the word. Back to months ago in mid 2015, these sentence changed my perception in a few things. We talked, got to know each other, be friend .

we talked, we smiled, we laugh.
we shared, we cried, we care
You teased me, I teased you.
You like me, I like you

and now after all that we have been thru, it seem like we r not meant together. We were trying so hard but sometimes we just need to be honest to the situation. For any reason that is uncertain, this is the best for now. Lets not talk to each other.You be you and I be me .

If u think it is easy to me, the answer is hell no. I always be the same. Same guy with half minded, who addicted to you n could not forgive your first smile. 

In the end of the day, the only thing i want remember is your smile. Because one day i will learn to live without you and move on.

otak aku berfikir secara kritikal..

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