Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Cuti dah nak habis


Hello readers! 

It has been a while since the last time write something on this blog. I promised once to myself to be an active blogger back after i finished my medical school but i did not happen. I honestly dont know to what i spent most of my free time. Waking up early, staying on bed doing nothing until it lil bit early of afternoon to find some food. The cycle repeated every single day. What a boring life i have.

*listening to Yuna song and i was like omg girl i love ur silky voice*

Ammar n Radin r both my good blogger friends. They r always inspiring me to write so here we are, already in 2nd paragraph lol. Honestly aku pun xtau what kind of topic im gonna write. Just a piece of thought that suddenly run on my mind. Tadi sengaja bukak draft and guess what? I have more than 10 draft posts and some of them dah basi pun cerita nya, for example my 2016 Raya story kahkahkah. Tu lah, tulis separuh pastu boring. And suddenly i read my 1 year old draft post about a person that i love. The story line now changed, you r back but for me u r now not more than a good memories. Im over you. Yet u r always my favourite thing.

Sedar tak sedar, almost 6 months since i graduated from medical school. In fact im gonna start working really soon. 5 december 2016 insyallah kalau tiada aral melintang. Please make some Doa for me to go through my housemanship training successfully. 2 years is not a short period. Hopefully i come out as a good doctor to my patient. Ulil (senior) once advice me " treat your patient like you r treating your own family, gain knowledge a much as you can during HO, it will shape what kind of doctor r you in the future". Thanks Lil, i will remember ur word. Hopefully im not too busy during HO so that we still can catch up sometimes. Because i wont repeat ur mistake during ur HO time, u suddenly disappear and left me behind sobs hahaha (gurau je im good la, dlu je touching mcm budak tak matang ngeh3)

Since the day i graduated in June, there are so many thing i wanna do in life but not accomplished yet. Dah penuh note travel whistlist, but satu pun xpergi hahaha. Bukan rezeki lg buat masa skrg. Lepas hbs HO insyallah. Sometimes rasa cemburu dgn kawan yg travel merata rata but biarlah sementara ni pujuk hati dulu " Allah bagi rezeki peluang dia tgk negera org skrg, your turn will be coming soon". Kahkahkah mengade geli gelemai pulak aku baca ajet2 diari pula. 

somebody please bring me to this place!

To my readers, im strunggling to finish my post about UiTM medical faculty and Pro Exam.  Susah nya nk karang huhuhu. Sabar laaa 

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading.

otak aku berfikir secara kritikal..

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