Friday, 10 January 2014

Long case was ..


It was 1st december when i wrote my last entry and it was about my missing buddy, Ashbir. Almost 2 month already he in harvard doing his research. Masa berterbangan. Thanks Ashbir for the snow walaupun kau just buatkan aku rasa nak siku smpai senak perut kau. :)

A lot of things happened and i lost in the middle of the problems. I have no right to complain what kind of test that Allah give me. The only thing i can do as an abd is be patient and believe there is a thousand time hikmah behind it. Allah is the best listener but in reality people like us, surrounding by a great people such a great reliever. I lost some of them.

Minggu ni adalah minggu final exam. I did well in theory exam i guess except in O&G MCQ on monday. Trying to be a positive student, looking forward for thursday Paed's long case. Study hard, practice hard. Sampai kena perli hari hari lagi. But pekak kan telinga n give them a smiling face is the best reply for them. Wamakaru wamakarallah, wallahu khairul makirin. Yesterday paed long case did not run smoothly

I got the most scariest examiner, presented the most hardest case in front of the lecturer that i respect the most. Can u imagine the mixed feeling i had in the room? Hanya Allah yg tahu masa tu. Perasaan mmg berserah segalanya kpd-Nya.

Yep, peoples ma say apalah sgt long case je pun, teori bnyk boleh cover. Its not only me yg dpt case susah, present kena marah, examine patient salah finding semua. "Take it easy man, poyo je kau!". But not for me especially when it come to paediatric. I have a dream in this field. Its hurt when u cant do well in a things that u think its belong to u, fit to yourself. Dan ayat pedas lagi menyakitkan semalam masih terngiang. 

Learning from mistake. Stay positive and InsyAllah everything gonna be alright.
Muhasabah. Ada yg tak kena somewhere.

otak aku berfikir secara kritikal..

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